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About Me…Dawn Holden

Every semester, sometimes as early as elementary school, students around the US sit down for the the first day of class anticipating the cookie cutter, “I’d like everyone to go around and tell us about yourself.” Now, I have never tested as an introverted personality type, however I know I can’t be the only person sitting in class thinking, “No one really cares about me and my background, except for the professor…and a lot of times that is questionable.” As I’ve gotten older and gone into higher education I almost feel as if the “tell us a little about yourself” has turned into “tell us how professionally accomplished you are.” This is definitely a little intimidating in the Master’s program I’m in because there are adults, like me,  in their 20’s just starting a career and then adults in their 50’s who oversee thousands of people and who’ve already “seen it all”.  I have to admit, though, that in my current professional position as a Training Director, I hypocritically make all trainees go around the room and talk…but frankly it’s to help me remember their names and to give me time to prepare for the long day ahead!

Now that I’m done with that rant, I will tell everyone in my ISYS class a little more about myself. I am a 28-year-old woman. I hold all of the following positions (and I tried to put them in order of importance):

·     Daughter (of two parents married for 29 years)

·     Sister (of one sister)

·     Girlfriend (of a free-spirited artist)

·     Pet Owner (of a cat, Chihuahua, and Schnoodle)

·     Friend (of many)

·     Coworker (of many)

·     Counselor (it’s in my nature)

·     Training Director (for Verizon Wireless)

·     Student (University of Richmond, VCU, of Life)

·     Homeowner (a complete renovation in progress)

·     Gardener (love it love it)

·     Cook (vegetarian perfection)

·     eBAY enthusiast ($$$)

·     Toy collector (call it a strange fascination)

·     Fashionista (mostly handbags and jewelry)

·     Art Admirer (Richmond’s great for that)

·     Traveler (spontaneous)

·     Googler (I jot things down all day that I need to know)

·     Starbuck’s consumer (can’t get enough)

·     Aspiring Small Business Owner (will happen one day!)


I hope that this is all the personal information that anyone just meeting me needs to know! I will enjoy blogging this semester and look forward to really getting to know my classmates’ perspectives on technology!


Artist Andrew Brandou

 Above is a work done by one of my favorite artists, Andrew Brandou.



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Hi Dawn. Like you, I feel like no one cares about the “first introductions” and I am not one who wants to share anyways. I just started at the SCS this semester and those introductions have really helped me to relate to people better and learn backgrounds. I appreciate it more now even though it seems almost all the people in my classes are older than me with much more experience…I am 21 and just graduated from John Tyler. 🙂

Good luck with your schooling!

Comment by tchrwannab2

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